29 June 2006

Shell decorations

Here's the Catholic Presbytery in Homebush decorated with shells shown on my Sydney Daily Photo Blog.

Your Rights At Work rally and march Part 1

40 000 people attended the rally this morning in Blacktown, a western suburb of Sydney, against the Howard government's workplace legislation, which basically screws workers and favours the bosses. Here's some pictures. Of course, every well-dressed rallyer needs the t-shirt!

There's more information and links on my main blog: Sydney Daily Photo.

Your Rights At Work rally and march Part 2

More pictures from today's rally and march. More information and links here.

26 June 2006

The French Connection extra

JC Decaux toilet, corner of Elizabeth and Park Sts, at Hyde Park

25 June 2006

Great Synagogue

Here's some more photos of the Great Synagogue in Elizabeth Street

Foggy day in Sydney

Fog over the city from near Central Station

Another shot of the fog in my local park . See the first one at Sydney Daily Photo.

24 June 2006

Two men and an important announcement

More from the Morris Iemma and Mike Rann media conference.

22 June 2006

George St Pissoir

Some extra photos from my main blog - here