20 November 2008

Blue, Orange, Red and Green

Above: Yo-Yo 2008 by Michael le Grand. Painted steel.

Above: Rock Pools by Grant Flick (Victoria).
Steel and reinforced resin. Flick says:
A soft collision
Linked in spiral rhythm
Defy eco rift

Above: Parabola 2008 by Philip Spelman (ACT).
Made of fabricated painted steel. "An abstract composition using colour to emphasise the positive and negative spaces and forms.

Above: On the roof of the kiosk at Tamarama, is Astrogarden by Eva Steen Christensen (Denmark). It's made of astroturf and thread. "Starting with everyday things Christensen is interested in the foreign and visually beautiful results of wrenching architecture and furniture out of their usual shapes."

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14 November 2008

Form of Scenery (Sculpture By The Sea 25)

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12 November 2008

Sculpture By The Sea - Shells, Molluscs and Stone

Ode to Joy by Lea Ferris. made of calacatanagu marble, plastics, metal, electric parts.

"Seemingly simple organisms once inhabited this place. Maybe in the future they will once again, maybe they won't. But who are we to interrupt their song of joy?"

Family Gastropoda by Sebastian McIntyre (USA). Made of Colorado yule marble.

"Seashells have always intrigued me. From slow moving mollusc growing calcium year by year, a tasty meal, an empty home, a limestone fossil, a marble block, a sculpture."

Gone (function IV, environment) by Natalie Windsor. Made of polycotton and natural rock.

Well, my (to me) obvious first reaction was that this was an homage to the great Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrap of the Sydney coast at Little Bay in 1969.

Natalie Windsor, the artist comments: "Our natural environment is the most precious resource we have. How do we respond when we see something we know should be there - gone?"

Regathering by Natalie Billing (Queensland). Made of raku clay.

"Memories gather on the shoreline of our minds. Meticulously, laboriously formed and shaped they last only until the next wave, then they wash away."

The Ocean's Gift by Jian Hua Qian. Made of marble.

"The ocean's gift - fruits, flowers and trees signify that the love of humanity can continue. Lives never cease to multiply."

Dancing With The Stone by Chris Kortland (Nethrlands). made of Belgian hardstone.

"In this place I tried to find lightness and movement in a solid and heavy material."

I am sorry about the quality of these pics - the sun wa sin entirely the wrong place!

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08 November 2008

Sculpture By The Sea - Heavy Metal

What Lies Under (Water resonator No 7) by Philip Spark. Made of steel, copper, cast iron, brass.

"It looks like the real thing. here today, gone tomorrow."

Development by Daniel Clemmett. Made of recycled steel and enamel.

Who would be surprised to learn that he loves cars and motorbikes, and apart from being a sculptor, earns his living as a smash repairer!
Read more about him here.

"The work is designed to engage on different levels, with intent to question our contemporary actions and to reflect on human development."

Blocks on Blocks: one on two, ball and ring, 1997 by Fletcher Benton (USA). Made of weathering steel.

Benton has work represented in many leading galleries: Smithsonian Institute, LA County Museum of ARt, Mentropolitan and Whitney museums New York. This is the first time he has exhibited in Australia.

The Yearning by Braddon Snape. Made of painted stel, reinforced precast concrete.

"A pier or raft like concrete slab traverses the rising slope. Perched, where the ground falls away beneath, as a solitary mariner yearns for the sea."

Return Ticket To Sydney by Jørn Rønnau (Denmark) . Made of cast iron

"Travelling is an important issue in peoples lives. This sculpture is about travelling geographically and historically through life."

From Dartbrook to the Reef by David Teer . Made of varied and waxed mild steel.

"It was a good adventure, to walk in the shadows of an old tree."

Contest for Attica by Robert Hague. Made of bronze and weathering steel.

"Poseidon, a central figure in the Parthenon sculptures is now but a fragment."

Strange Fruit (Bound Toy Construction) by Jimmy Rix. Made of bronze.

"This work enlarges the elements I associate with my childhood and the memories of attachment."

Inochi 3 (in bing) by Zero Higasgida (Japan). Made of stainless steel

"I think we could create a liveable world if people realise the preciousness of the lives and love for microbes in grass and trees which dwell in rivers or the sea."

Floating Figure by Greg Johns (South Australia). Made of corten steel

"Floating figure is from a series I started in 1991 and continue working on today. One task I set muself about this time was to produce sculpture which reflected Australia. I wanted to produce work which in appearance grew out of this place, rather than reflecting international styles. To do this, I drew on two stories, one brought into Australia at the time of European arrival, and one which preceded that arrival. I have often descrobed the resulting sculptures as being hybrid."

Wind Goes By by Hiroyuki Kita (Japan). Made of stainless steel and ball bearings.

"It is my great pleasure for you to enjoy my sculpture in such a rich natural environment."

Rhythm by David Horton. Made of mild steel.

"Using a non objective approach I am trying to stumble upon the amazing geometric relationships the ancient Greeks used in their pediments."

Reaching For Balance II by RM (Ron) Gomboc (Western Australia).
Made of polished stainless steel and donnybrook stone.

"Working on a series of sculptures relating to journey and the balance of life."

Judgement of Mammon by Ingrid Morley. Made of copper and phosphor bronze.

"Mammon is the name given to the demon of materialism. I hope to personify ythr disquiet of a "being" struggling between material conquest and spiritual anorexia."

A Sign For The Times by Chris Ormerod (South Australia). Made of silicon bronze and mild steel.

"Climatic change is affecting our planet, we see signs of pressure. Social and environmental fault lines are appearing. The cracks are geting bigger."

Angkor Torso III by Clara Hall. Made of bronze and sandstone.

"For many people life is a blanacing act. What amazed me about the ruins at Angkor Wat was the fragile equilibrium between supported structure and total collapse."

Talisman by Jock Clutterbuck (Victoria). Made of fabricated brass.

"My works are informally improvised out of units into elements and gestures into a unity or statement."

Transfiguration 'Screw" VI by Mitsuo Takeuchi (Japan). made of stainless steel.

"This is an experiment in which I am expressing the concepts of position and visible topologies as one substance."

Paper Moon (aka Bill's Boat) by Orest Keywan. Made of steel and polymer.

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