07 November 2008

Sculpture By Sea - Others

Below: New Nomadic Home by Edward Horne and Charlotte haywood. Made of steel, aluminium, timber, felt, acrylic, pvc, rope. "Conforming too a square brick house? Attached to ownership and living beyond your means?"

Below: m.080801 by Toshio Iezumi. Float glass, mirror. "I make my works from two points of view - the contour of the piece and the optical reflection and depth."

Below: Land Sew No 3 by Mimi Dennett. Stainless stell, rope, pvc, pipe. "The humility of the Country Women's Association and a desire to mend the earth inspired this giant needle and thread stitching up a crack in the earth."

Below: If you need an extension of time to pay, press # by Bjorn Godwin. Polyester resin, mixed media, phosphorescent powder. "We regret we cannot provide any further extensions."

Below: Interface by Michael Lipman. Steel, timber. "My aim is to create the interface between the ocean and man. The ocean is turning back the iron road as its force cannot be controlled."

Below: Icon by Marcus Tatton. Eucalyptus, stainless steel. "The digital age sweeps our world along. This work questions how wise people in history would have regarded the current rate of change.

Below: Floating Memories by John Ramsay. Aluminium, styrofoam, plastic plaster. "The idea is that you are connected to the sea by a line whose mysteries will unfold via the telegraphic signals of the brightly coloured fishing floats."

Below: Close To Lands End by Alex Asch. Mixed media. "This work explores the memory of childhood, the distortion of the past through the mind's eye. The building is a surreal collage of the architecture of my past."

Below: You Want to Do What? !!! (Tow an iceberg from Antarctica) by Tania Spencer. Galvanised wire. " Both scientists and artists are considered mad or crazy when they broach concepts that are left of field."

Below: Dry Docks: They're Shipping It In by Alexandra Byrne. Corrugated iron, steel timber. "'Dry Docks' reflects my perception of Australia's water crisis and those means being implemented to assuage it."

Below: Plug In by Sally Kidall. Salt casting compound. "The tension implied by placing these electric plugs out of context is challenged by the vulnerability of their material, evoking a desire for harmonious relationships."
I was interested that the plugs are British ones, and then read that the artist has recently returned from studying and exhibiting in the UK.

Below: Astrogarden by Eva Steen Christensen. Astroturf, thread. "Starting with everyday things Christensen is interested in the foreign and visually beautiful results of wrenching architecture and furniture out of their usual shapes."

A Below: The Measure of Time by Rae Bolotin. Glass, steel, water. "Time and water are two of our most precious resources. In this piece, drops of water measure the 18 days of Sculpture By The Sea.

Below: Carbon Trader by Stephen King. Stringy bark. "Will the carbon trading market remove CO2 from the atmosphere?"

Below: Poroplastic 2 by Richard Goodwin. Motorcycle, stainless steel pipe. "'Poroplastic' is the explosion of a new motorcycle held together with lines of force which become an elaborate stainless steel frame."

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