08 November 2008

Sculpture By The Sea - Planes and Angles

Above: Gravity, by Jonathan Leahey. Made of steel. "Children make paper planes and use them in fun. Adults make steel planes and use them in anger. In the end, gravity always wins."
Below: gnosis by Bruce Radke. Rusted steel, painted steel, timber. "Our self created world of illusion may be rendered meaningful through self knowledge."

Above: Stationary shape by Haruyuki Uchida. Stainless steel and magent. "I want to make sculptures that are closely connected to gravity."

Below: Infinite Possibilities by Linda Bowden. 500 year old reclaimed jarrah, exterior ply, pine wood, fibreglass resin. " Inspired by a Mondrian 'composition' it struck me this work could be put together in any number of ways."

Above: Dynamic supermarketism supersupreme composition no 2 by Charlie Trivers. Statement: "Pizza and sculpture - two passions. What a combination! 100% handcrafted and fabricated by the artist." Uh-huh!

Below: Salt by Caz Haswell. Comment: "This work stems from an interest in the possibilities of abstract geometric construction. Architecture and basic geometry have been an influence on the development of structural dialogue."

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