12 November 2008

Sculpture By The Sea - Shells, Molluscs and Stone

Ode to Joy by Lea Ferris. made of calacatanagu marble, plastics, metal, electric parts.

"Seemingly simple organisms once inhabited this place. Maybe in the future they will once again, maybe they won't. But who are we to interrupt their song of joy?"

Family Gastropoda by Sebastian McIntyre (USA). Made of Colorado yule marble.

"Seashells have always intrigued me. From slow moving mollusc growing calcium year by year, a tasty meal, an empty home, a limestone fossil, a marble block, a sculpture."

Gone (function IV, environment) by Natalie Windsor. Made of polycotton and natural rock.

Well, my (to me) obvious first reaction was that this was an homage to the great Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrap of the Sydney coast at Little Bay in 1969.

Natalie Windsor, the artist comments: "Our natural environment is the most precious resource we have. How do we respond when we see something we know should be there - gone?"

Regathering by Natalie Billing (Queensland). Made of raku clay.

"Memories gather on the shoreline of our minds. Meticulously, laboriously formed and shaped they last only until the next wave, then they wash away."

The Ocean's Gift by Jian Hua Qian. Made of marble.

"The ocean's gift - fruits, flowers and trees signify that the love of humanity can continue. Lives never cease to multiply."

Dancing With The Stone by Chris Kortland (Nethrlands). made of Belgian hardstone.

"In this place I tried to find lightness and movement in a solid and heavy material."

I am sorry about the quality of these pics - the sun wa sin entirely the wrong place!

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