31 May 2007

Photos featuring Sydney Harbour Bridge

The nuts and bolts of it all. Above: 19 June, 2006. Below: 20 June , 2006

Below: Cast iron toilet facilities in the shadow of the bridge at Millers Point. 22 June, 2006

Below: The curve of the arch, 06 July, 2006

Below: NOT Sydney Harbour Bridge, but the version in Queens, New York. Taken May 2006. Posted 6 July, 2006
Below: Finger wharf at Walsh bay, with the bridge. 20 July, 2006
Below: You can JUST see bridge walkers, as if they are on the roof of the finger wharf. 21 July, 2006
Below: The bridge from inside Wharf 4/5 at Walsh Bay. 21 Aug 2006

Below: The curve of the approach at Milson's Point. 29 Sep, 2006
Below: The bridge from Lavender Bay. 20 Oct, 2006
Below: Pylon and palm, Dawes Point. 15 Jan, 2007
Below: Harbour from Circular Quay railway station. 20 Jan, 2007

Below: The view from the Harbour View pub. 22 Jan, 2007
Below: The view from the bridge at the point where the reconciliation march plaque is located. 26 Jan, 2007
Below: from the park on the northern side, Milson's Point. 07 March, 2007
Below: View from the bridge. 11 March, 2007

Below: Rainy day, Young St. 24 April, 2007
Below: Reconciliation walk, 26 May 2000. Posted 26 May 2007
Below: Blues Point Tower. 31 May, 2007

06 May 2007

May Day 2007

More images from the May Day march. Read about it at Sydney Daily Photo.