30 July 2006

The cliff walk between Bondi and Coogee

This section is between Bronte and Clovelly, looking north. The closest beach is Bronte, the one in the middle distance Tamarama, and the nitch between headlands in the distance is the bay occupied by Bondi Beach.

In my opinion, winteris the best season for walking in Sydney. Today it was about 21 degrees, perfect for walking without being too hot.

I sat on these rocks enjoying the sun, and looked down at the trio sunning themselves:

Just below me to the right, this woman was catching the winter rays.


Kate said...

I particularly like the photo of the woman wrapped in white. The greenery and the white flowers above her works for me!

Matthieu said...

A nice place to nap. Thanks for sharing :)

Mimmu said...

Photos are very,very enjoyable, but I remembered something about skin cancer and your country.
And I found this :

"Australians have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Each year over 1400 Australians die from this almost totally preventable disease. Luckily, actions to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer are simple and effective. For more information about skin cancer and sun protection strategies, click on the menu items below."
I took this from URL:

Have I been now naughty?
But my doctor have said to me no more sun, at all!! But many of us have so little pigment in our skins
here in northern part of the world.
but genes of yours??? That`s why this dropped into my mine.

Sorry this :)