06 January 2007

Learning to surf, Broulee and Rosedale, January 2007

First, carry your board to the beach...

First instructions

Warming up

Not bad, after a couple of hours

Up ?




Practise, practise, practise

...and practise some more...

Back to the lessons....support teams

There's always that board lifting

Fairly crowded out here!

But keep on going, even when it rains.

Paddling instructions

Oops - there's lots of falling off to do before perfection

Look Mum - no hands! Or board.

Tiring work

Looking good! (And sun at last)

Well, it was looking good...



jenni said...

that looks so fun! I"m sure my kids would love to learn as well. When we lived in California, we always meant to take lessons... maybe now that everyone is older ;)

your son sure looks like he is enjoying himself.. adn it does look like hard work!


Mimmu said...

And I think, your son appreciate these pictures after 10- 20 years!
Are we blogging still, what do you think :) ??
My children and grandchildren do this
down the hill with a snowboard.

Greetings for your son too!