20 February 2007

Two Queens In Sydney

5.51 pm
These kids were having a great time diving into the harbour. Risky with all the boats circling around viewing the QM2 5.51 pm

Your loyal correspondent on-the-spot! 5.54 pm
Lucky Sydneysiders doing in their laps with the QM2 berthed in the background 6.07pm
Woolloomooloo Bay where QM2 is berthed 6.11 pm
Here comes the QE2! 6.50 pm

QE2 meets The Bounty (replica) 6.57 pm
Waiting to see QE2 7.07 pmQE2 turns around. . .7.14 pm
...and backs into her berth at Circular Quay. 7.20 pm

This morning the Queen Mary 2 sailed in, and this evening Queen Elizabeth 2. We were there this evening. The QE2 is berthed at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay, between the harbour Bridge and Opera House. The QM2 is too large for that berth, so is one bay around at Garden Island in Woolloomoolloo Bay.


Dina said...

WOW!!!! Both ships look really grand and then they look even greater with the opera house in the picture...... lovely shots.

Zara said...

Thanks for writing this.