12 October 2006

The Duke in Sydney

These are additional photos to the ones shown at Sydney Daily Photo

On August 7, Dana at Honolulu Daily Photo posted a wonderful picture of Hawaiian surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku.
Here's The Duke in Sydney!
He is credited with popularising surfboard riding in Australia when he demonstrated his skills at Freshwater Beach (see photo below) in December 1914.
The statue was unveiled by his widow Mrs Duke Paoa Kahanamoku (Nadine) on Australia Day, Wednesday January 26, 1994.
There's a walk around the headland with mosaic tributes to the many Australian men and women who have since been world surfing champions.
The plaque at the site adds "It is hoped that this Park and the men and women it honours, will help to fulfil Duke's dream of surfboard riding becoming an Olympic sport." .

Freshwater Beach

These are the pictures shown at Sydney Daily Photo:


Kala said...

A very nice assortment of photos from various angles of the Duke and what a wonderful looking beach! Mahalo nui loa for sharing this! =D

Irredento Urbanita said...

I always was amazed when surfers used those long surf tables (is that the name?). And they could show their ability on waves bigger than 10 meters.

Greetings from Barcelona