14 October 2006

For Mimmu

Swimming in lake at Tampere, about 9 pm

Cabin we stayed at near lapeenranta (Lake Saimaa?) where we had sauna and swim in the lake.


Anonymous said...

Oh, so familiar and cute pictures!
The town is Lappeenranta and the lake is really Saimaa.
I could get by boat from Joensuu to Lappeenranta,
this lake Pyhäselkä is connected with Saimaa.
Thank you these photos, perhaps I can find some
from our journey to Sydney - I must at first get my scanner to work,
I have been successful to mix it`s working :)
If you will go some day to Canberra, please take a photo from this
Elisabeth`s tree. It was perhaps in front of some war memorial or
the Parliament house, we were in both of them.
Regards Leena

Anonymous said...

Excellent pics :)