23 December 2006

Macquarie Street lights

Macquarie St in central Sydney has a string of beautiful colonial buildings along it. For the past two weeks, up until Christmas night, someof these buildings have been lit each night with this wonderful array of designs. These are a few. [I don't have a tripod, so forgive me where some are a bit blurry]
These photos compement the one at Sydney Daily Photo.
The Hyde Park Barracks

Sydney Town Hall (not in Macquarie St)

State Parliament building (part of the original Sydney Hospital)

The Mint

The State Library, Mitchell wing

Conservatorium of Music (my son took this one)


Carlos said...

These can't be just complements. You've got to show some of them there, they are amazingly beautiful. That explosion of art on top of such great building are real candy for the eyes.

Susan in Hotlanta said...

Really fantastic!

lynn said...

Amazing colours, lovely!

Kate said...

Carlos is correct; post some more on the daily blog! They're wonderful shots, and tell your son that he did a great job on his photo!