31 December 2006

Some favourites from 2006

A favourite because it says so much about Sydney cafe/coffee culture, which I think is amongst the best anywhere. Original post

I love the texture of the rocks, but even more that this photo was taken in mid-winter, which says a lot about Sydney! Original post.

The War Memorial in Hyde Park - reflection photos make you, well, ummmm, reflect, especially when it is something as tragic as war. Original post.

The angels at Waverley cemetery - I just love them! The cemetery, with its stunning clifftop location, and sea views is a wonderful place to walk. Original post.

A special favourite because it's my son - on a torrentially rainy Sunday in Bondi in September. Just the sort of day for a hot chocolate and latte! Original post.

Sydney Harbour at night - my first attempt at a (tripod-less) night shot, and I was very pleased with the result. An incredibly balmy September night. Original post.

A personal favourite, because they are my feet, at my gym pool, and swimming is one of my all-time favourite things (in fact the only exercise I can sustain on a long-term basis). Original post.

Sunrise with pelican over Botany Bay. I was pretty proud of having been up this early!
Original post.


lynn said...

Yes the first, cafe scene, is definitely the best in my humble opinion. Great!

Anonymous said...

But this a fine shot!
Did you read instructions now or just try and learn way??

Happy nights and night shots 2007!